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We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

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As I write my final Shofar article, I look back at the past two years of my Presidency. Our synagogue has gone through several changes, some passings, many good times, and the employment of a weekend Rabbi. Most of all, we became a more cohesive group. In addition, we are on an incredible journey of finding a viable merger partner.

June is usually a time for our shul to wind down from events and begin the process of organizing for the upcoming High Holidays. Installation of Officers and Board Members will take place after services on Friday evening, June 19th at 8:00 pm. Our President-Elect, Marc Miller, will organize and oversee the program. Please join us.

There are many people who help run a synagogue effectively and efficiently. Thank you to our wonderful office staff who go above and beyond their normal workday. Our custodian takes care of the essentials of building and house upkeep. Food pantry volunteers give so much of their time distributing food to the needy. Past Presidents, Officers, and Board Members have been invaluable during my Presidency and volunteered and assisted with many projects. My many telephone calls helped me through some tough times. Sisterhood, Hazak, chairpersons, and committee members have been wonderful and worked well together to maintain and create excellent programs, services, membership drives, social action activities, budgets, cemetery, house and legal issues, and advertising. Let us not forget our website volunteer who updates our site as often as possible. I get the complaints and she gets the least amount of credit. Lastly, thank you to my Vice Presidents who became my sounding board and assisted me along the way.

I would be remiss in not thanking my husband and family. Jesse has been the “first Dude” during my Presidency, as well as the house VP/chairperson for over 13 years and it has not been so easy. During my Presidency, I became a “young” grandmother, and my children are healthy and thriving. They now ask me what my next chapter will be. For once, I have no idea what path I want to take. Somehow, I will continue to be involved with our synagogue and possibly our new “home.”

I feel I accomplished something, maybe trying to keep CBE open and functioning. We will all be okay with whatever our future holds.

Thank you Congregation Beth-El congregants for sharing and caring, for support and guidance. As my Mother would have said to me “It’s been a good ride.” See you soon!

The following are some quotes that I would like to sign off with:

“I always liked the story of Noah’s Ark and the idea of starting anew by rescuing the things you like and leaving the rest behind.” Zach Braff

“Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.” Harold Kushner

“I’m a catalyst for change. You can’t be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place.” Rupert Murdoch

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