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We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

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This month is a time to look back at last year and a time to begin to look forward to this year. We may not know exactly what our direction will be, but we know we need to begin the journey together, as many Jews have done in the Torah. Out of apathy, there is guidance and hope, and a sense of purpose.

Last month in the Torah we read about Joseph and his positive attitude, despite the obstacles that he had to overcome. He was upbeat, nice to others, and through his dreams he became an advisor to the Egyptian Pharaoh and ultimately to people across all foreign lands. There are probably many interpretations about Joseph and his dreams. But, according to one young adult who put things into a clearer perspective, Joseph achieved the following:

1-Joseph first had these amazing prophetic dreams, which he then had to make sense of.

2-Joseph had to then convince Pharaoh to believe in him, in order for any action to take place.

3-Once Pharaoh believed Joseph, he helped the Pharaoh plan ahead for the famine that would take place by being prudent and stocking up food before it even happened.

It was only years later, during the height of the famine as people from all over fled to Egypt, that Joseph reencountered his family. Those 3 actions that Joseph took to ensure the future of the Egyptians also ultimately ensured the future of the Jewish people. With forethought, right interpretation, right advice, and prudent planning, Joseph literally saved the day and prevented future catastrophe.

Maybe this is a story that sounds familiar to you, an echo of Beth-El’s current situation?

President, Past Presidents, Officers, and Board of Trustees advise and lead congregational members. Please join us Monday evening, January 12th, for an important meeting and vote. We need your help to advise us of our future.

As Joseph needed to prepare the Pharaoh, we also need to prepare our congregation with information in order for you to make a decision. With prudent planning and trust, we can do anything we need to do.

We will always be in this together!

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