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We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

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November is a time to give thanks (Thanksgiving) and to reenergize oneself. Another thank you goes to Rabbi Edelman and Cantor Polt, our High Holiday clergy, who did an excellent job. Additional thank you to various committees for their many hours spent coordinating our wonderful services. It was also a pleasure seeing many congregants attend our first Torah study session during Yom Kippur afternoon.

Please continue to support our many programs and services which include Hazak brunch, New Membership Recognition evening, joint program with Chabad, Sisterhood Paid-Up Membership dinner, Sisterhood Evening of Learning, New Years Eve party, Guest Rabbi and Rabbi audition weekends, and our Kol Nidre appeal. Please refer to our flyers and emails for all dates and times. We want you involved! We are here for you!

Looking ahead, we have some maintenance required around our synagogue and Rabbi’s house. We also have an important long range planning committee presentation scheduled for our November 20th Board/Congregation meeting that I strongly urge congregants to attend. More information will be mailed.

The Jewish New Year coincided with the conclusion of baseball season. The media’s focus centered on the end of the Derek Jeter era. He exemplified all the positive qualities in a person-professionalism, integrity, dignity, teamwork, leadership, a low personal profile, and doing things the “right” way. His legacy is not his baseball skills (which ranks number six), but for what Mr. Jeter stood for. He was truly passionate about one thing, which never changed: playing baseball for the Yankees. It is my hope that we can be passionate about supporting our synagogue and our functions. We need you!

This month we celebrate family and joyous events, including our synagogue family. Jesse and I will become first time grandparents. What a joy!

Be grateful, happy, and healthy!

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