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We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

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Another snowy day while writing my article, but hopefully, spring will be here soon. Good time for a reality check regarding our synagogue-

Our needs include:
1-Social get-togethers outside our temple at congregants’ homes (who wants to start?)
2-Volunteers/Board of Trustees
4-A Rabbi
5-A High Holiday Cantor
6-Continuation of great attendance at programs/events/services
8-A new snowblower (this will happen after tax season)
Ongoing Fundraisers include:
1-TD Affinity Bank (we receive a check from them in June or July every year) 2-IGIVE.com (new program)
3-Supermarket gift cards
4-Sale of Chumash/Siddur Books/Tree of Life Leaves/Memorial Plaques 5-Sponsorships for Onegs/Kiddush lunches
Current Fundraisers:
1-Barton’s Passover Candy
2-Passover Wine (March 25)

Our synagogue needs your support and consideration by volunteering and “giving” of yourself. By building relationships, congregants feel more welcome and want to come into our “home” more often. If not us, who then? If we don’t, then what will happen to our “home?” Again, we need to “own” our temple, if we want it to remain standing.

This month we celebrate Purim. The Purim Shpiel takes place March 15. Please join us. We read from the Megillah, where characters such as Ahashverus, Esther,Haman, and Mordecai are discussed in the Book of Esther. When Haman’s name is mentioned, loud noises from graggers are shaken to “blot out his name.” Besides the readings, many mitzvot are connected with a Purim celebration. Some examples include: giving to charity, sending two types of food to two different friends (Mishloah Manot), and the festive meal which begins while it is still light outside (Seudat Purim). We also drink enough so we cannot tell the difference between saying “Blessed be Mordecai” and “cursed be Haman.”

March and April are Congregation meetings with our usual Congregational Board of Trustee meetings (March 20 and April 24). You are encouraged to attend and help us navigate our future. We will make it to the other side (not literally, folks) together, and come out better for it! Be patient and join us!

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