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We are finally into spring and yes, pollen season is upon us as well. As we wind down with programs and gear up for our next fiscal year, it behooves us to think about what our synagogue means to us. Is it spiritual, ritual, programs, or just attending three times a year during the holidays that attracts us back to CBE?

Interestingly enough, as we gain members due to our fantastic new dues rates, we also lose about the same amount of congregants. In essence, we remain stable, and that is NOT good. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, then you will not consider change of any kind. In other words, comfortable people need to feel uncomfortable in order to change anything. Think about how we operate at our synagogue-routines, same stuff different day. We have definitely changed our Shabbat services and yet, other changes are difficult. Why? Why can’t we do something different without complaints, without telephone calls, without people saying “well, that’s what has always been done?” We know from past experiences that change can occur, that we are capable of trying new ideas. So let’s put all roadblocks behind us and just do it! Now is the time even without a Rabbi because whether we like something or not, we can learn from it and discuss this with a new Rabbi.

I take the volunteer position of President very seriously. However, I cannot do my job effectively if I don’t have a full administration to work with. Maybe the cause is due to the lack of a Rabbi or maybe the cause is the lack of the next generation. We have the money to remain open, but not enough volunteers. Many of us have been volunteering for years, so the saying, “been there, done that” is not acceptable if you want our synagogue to remain a full service place. It is time for you to pick up the telephone, call me, and say “yes.”

A special thank you to Sarina and Neil Geschwind, Vikki and Mark Finkelman, Lorraine and Steve Nachbar, Jackie and Abe Kirschman, Linda and Steve Abrams, and Resa and Arnie Hauptman, who go above and beyond in helping our temple.

At our next Board of Trustees/Congregation meeting in June, I am hoping to fill the open positions. Our volunteers work hard on a day to day basis and our Rabbi Search Committee is continuing their task. So now it’s your turn.

Are you uncomfortable yet? I hope so!

“If service is the rent you pay for your existence on this earth, are you behind in your rent?” Robert G. Allen

Have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer and please join us in our journey. Make a commitment to keep our temple open!page1image32400

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